Make your savings go further

Most working age people in the UK could make a dramatic change to their retirement stability by making some incremental changes to their saving habits, according to new research published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). People are not saving … Find out more

Save for retirement

HM Revenue & Customs’ new lower lifetime pensions allowance will catch out many middle-to-high earners, to the tune of up to a 55 per cent tax bill. So what are the alternatives to pensions as savings vehicles for retirement? There are believed to … Find out more

Ways to Maximise Income

Regular investment in ISAs could save pensioners a hefty tax bill on their retirement income. Building up an ISA pot over thirty years to around £700,000, could produce an income per year, just under the 40 per cent bracket, assuming a … Find out more

Salary Exchange Scheme

Salary exchange is a contractual agreement between you and your employer, which changes the way you are remunerated to increase the amount of benefits-in-kind you receive, and to reduce your cash earnings. Employers and employees will save on their National … Find out more

Profit from pension changes Lifetime allowances

Millions of people saving for retirement faced dramatic changes to the rules governing pensions from April and next, so what are the consequences for pension savers? A radical reduction in the annual and lifetime allowances for contributions, as well as the abolition of … Find out more